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Artist Statement

Originally from Florida, Regina received her BFA at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. A couple years later she attended the State University of New York at New Paltz where she received her MFA in Painting and Drawing. Regina has taught various workshops at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and a keeps a studio practice in Jersey City! Her work straddles sincerity and irony. She is playful with her use of materi als and the dialog her work has with painting and its history. She interrupt the viewer’s engagement with the work by using various antics such as illusion, hard edge shapes, and revealing the process. She is as equally interested in the remnants left behind; in a sense, she defaces the paintings with the tools they are made of in order to make the viewer aware. She enjoys activating the illusion to then just reveal the reality of its making. She likes to play games with the construction or composition of the paintings; for example, the presence of real wood grain juxtaposed with fake wood contact paper. Another strategy she employs is the use of fabric to create the illusion of holes in a surface, or to extend a gestural stroke off the canvas surface into three-dimensional space. The viewer is given much that is beautiful to enjoy but never fully allowed to relax into contemplation. They are lured into the atmospheric depths only to be confronted with reality by the collaged contact paper or remains of masking tape. The tension between opposites is a reoccurring question that is posed in her imagery; she pairs elements such as certainty/doubt, rigidity/fluidity, seriousness/playfulness, sincerity/superficiality, and illusion/reality. There is a strange result that is disorientating. The viewer looks at what could be from this world but there is an abstract disconnect. This disconnect creates a space for thought and wonderment, this is the part she enjoys most and will further explore throughout her research as an artist.

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